Best Way To Get Rid of a Cold

September 8, 2011
best way to get rid of a cold

Annoying and frustrating, there is still no fast-action pill to get rid of the common cold. You’d think there would be by now, especially with all the wonders of modern medicine. Unfortunately there is no magic 24-hour cure, but by following the best way to get rid of a cold you could be feeling 75% […]

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Best Way To Burn Calories

September 5, 2011
best way to burn calories

All these diet plans with their low calorie meals and calorie counting utensils are potentially a waste of time. The reason is that if these programs really worked people wouldn’t be constantly going on diets. The problem with diets is they can work, and they can work fast, but more often than not the results […]

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Best Way To Ask A Girl To Prom

August 29, 2011
best way to ask a girl to prom

Prom night is one hell of a special night in any guy’s life, and to make sure it really is a night to remember you’ll need a special lady on your arm to accompany you for the evening. Maybe you have someone already in mind or maybe you are undecided as yet, either way, make […]

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Best Way To Kiss

August 23, 2011
best way to kiss

Kissing feels so natural yet is incredibly easy to make a mess of. Instead of wooing your partner with delicate parcels of soft lipped love, you could end up thrashing your tongue around like a fish out of water. Once you know what you shouldn’t be doing things are a whole lot easier, and from […]

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Best Way To Make An iPhone App

August 16, 2011
best way to make an iphone app

The best iPhone apps ideas are the ones driven by sheer creativity, not those created on a whim to make a quick buck or gain some fast consumer popularity. Don’t get me wrong, making an iPhone app, or an app for Android phones, is a great idea to boost the popularity of a business or […]

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Best Way To Jack Off

August 9, 2011
best way to jack off

We have to draw the line somewhere, and we really aren’t gonna sit here and tell you step by step how to five knuckle shuffle, polish the trophy, beat the monkey, bash the bishop, etc, etc. Hell, just grab that mama and start working her…before you know it Niagara Falls will happen right there in your room, or […]

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Best Way To Make Money Online

August 8, 2011
best way to make money online

Some say the money fell out of the Internet with the .Com boom and bust, but don’t be misled by hearsay, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money in this game. Here is the best way to make money online using 4 proven methods of generating a large income. 1. Affiliate Marketing If […]

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Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

August 7, 2011
best way to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches are resilient little beasts, and in fact the one living thing that is most likely to survive excess nuclear radiation. In light of this, you can see why cockroaches prove difficult to get rid of once you have them in your house. Is It Because My House is Dirty? Cockroaches aren’t attracted to dirt, […]

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Best Way To Live In Thailand On $500 Per month

August 6, 2011
best way to live in thailand on $500 per month

Thailand is a growing economy and a fast becoming a very popular place to live. Unfortunately for expats, living costs aren’t as cheap as they once were, and with the decline of the US dollar the squeeze is on. However, with a budget of $500 per month it is still very possible to live a […]

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Best Way To Propose

August 4, 2011
best way to propose

The best way to propose is in the traditional way, and if you didn’t know that means spontaneously and romantically. This will be one of the most special moments in your life and your girlfriend’s life, so make it count. The four rules to a great proposal: Don’t give the game away beforehand. Make the […]

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