What The Hell Is The Best Way To?

The Internet is an ocean of information; mostly misguided information fronted by buffoons trying to make a fast buck at your expense with a product that’s truthfully worth less than a sub-prime mortgage. So, we thought we’d buck the trend and take a rather ethical approach, and tell you the best way to HONESTLY do everything. BestWayTo does exactly what it says on the tin, and there really isn’t any more to it than that.

What Do The Nerds At BestWayTo Do?

Mostly we sit around sipping coconut juice by the pool and trying to avoid our nagging girlfriends, but we also spend a considerable amount of time researching useless information, interrogating “so called” gurus and testing online products. We then regurgitate this information in nice edible chunks for our readers to chew on and succeed. Oh, and when the rent is long overdue we ask our aging parents for a loan.

Why Bother Setting Up Best Way To?

So we can convince our parents that we have jobs, and that someday we might be successful in some way, shape or form. And also because it’s fun, and because we like researching and writing. Oh, and also because it’s a good idea, or at least so a few people told us. In our loftiest dreams we believe the Internet is long overdue a site like BestWayTo.com, where users can save time sifting through all the lies and affiliation and get on with living life in the best way possible.

One more thing…we don’t owe anyone anything, except probably some income tax and our student loans (15 years overdue)…. So we pledge no allegiance or favour to any one person or school of thought. We seek only to separate the good from the bad, the great from the substandard and the roses from the thorns, essentially showing you the best way to do pretty much everything, and occasionally the products we believe will help you do it.