Best Way To Ask A Girl To Prom

best way to ask a girl to prom

Prom night is one hell of a special night in any guy’s life, and to make sure it really is a night to remember you’ll need a special lady on your arm to accompany you for the evening. Maybe you have someone already in mind or maybe you are undecided as yet, either way, make sure you follow the best way to ask a girl to prom guidelines set out below. Go get em’ tiger!

Early Bird Catches The Worm

Identify the girl you want to take to the prom and make sure you beat other guys to the bank, so to speak. Don’t wait until 2-weeks before the prom to ask her, ask at least 6 weeks in advance to secure your date.  Remember, girls make plans early, and they love an efficient and organized man. Guys who wait get to masturbate! That’s the golden rule.

Don’t Step On The Wrong Toes

If you aren’t the high school quarterback then don’t go asking his girl to the prom. Shortlist some girls you know you have a chance of securing a date with. Make sure these girls don’t have full time boyfriends and aren’t each obsessed with one particular guy. Reason being, if they don’t land their publicly known first choice, you will end up looking like her back-up plan.

Don’t Beat Around The Bush

Don’t whimp around when popping the question. Don’t start with lame entrance lines like, “You know the prom…,” or, “Are you going to the prom?” Get straight to it. “Hey Mandy, how’s it going? Listen, it’s prom night soon and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather go with than you. I would be flattered if you’d do me the honor of being my prom date.” Bingo!

Have a Back-Up Plan

Referring back to the short-list you made earlier, always be prepared to revert to plan-B. It could happen, she could say no or you could be too late in asking. Don’t worry about this minor set back. Move swiftly to girl B, but make sure you do the following. If girl B says that someone told her you asked girl A to the prom first, make sure you say, “Hell no, I just asked her if she was going and who with, you were always my first choice.” Half-truths are always more believable than straight lies.

Enjoy the prom!