Best Way To Attract Hot Girls On Facebook

best way to attract hot girls on facebook

Part 1….

1. Choosing The Correct Profile Picture

This isn’t as easy as it sounds, and most guys epically fail on this first point. Choose a picture that reflects the right image. Not one with your top off, and not one with you in a bar holding a beer and your mate kissing your cheek. Use something causal and respectable, i.e. in the park with your dog is great, because as we know the majority of women love animals. Equally as good is being pictured at a concert because music makes you look cool – just make sure it isn’t Britney or Enrique Iglesias. Also good is a picture at a museum, or standing by a cultural heritage site on holiday. Choose a picture that makes you appear emotionally connected with the world, confident, outgoing, easy going, cool and an all round special type of guy.

2.  Avoid Making Yourself Look Needy

I see this all the time, and here are two recent updates from the profile of one of my Facebook friends, “Why didn’t she call me back, I hate these games”, and, There should be a limit to the amount of love you can give someone”. WTF? When I read updates like this it becomes obvious why brothers like this have zero success in attracting the right women and keeping women in their lives. Those updates really read like this, “I am a desperate dude who waits around by the phone for any girl who shows me some interest”, and, “I always obsessively put all my energy into any girl who likes me and end up getting hurt every time”.

*I really want to de-friend this guy but for comedy value I keep him on side.

3. Post Witty or Thought Provoking Updates

Girls like guys who think beyond tits, bottoms and bras – I know it sucks. So post updates that will compel girls to respond to you, and that will attract their friends and friends of their friends to add you. Be funny but not crude, be intelligent but not nerdy, be spiritual but not woo-woo, be compassionate but not soppy.

4. Compose Your Profile Strategically

Okay, you don’t need to lie, but don’t make yourself sound like a dick. “I like drinking, football, hip hop and getting smashed on the weekend”, right, just the kind of guy hot girls want, not! Think active, connected, cultural, interesting and busy. This is your chance to show you are an elusive, busy guy that is hard to tie down, in other words the kind of guy girls go after. “I like mountain biking, live gigs, exploring the major cities of the world and reading philosophy, and when I have time cooking BBQs for my family…oh, and of course my Labrador Ralphy”

5. Choose Your Friends Carefully

People think they look cooler because they have loads of friends….Nah, that’s old skool. Befriending every one you can looks like you aren’t fussy when it comes to choosing friends and associates. Be in demand; make yourself a privilege to be friends with. Collect cool friends that contribute quality updates and bring an awesome social vibe to your page. Don’t add pedophiles, fake profiles from porn websites or idiots that talk about drinking and getting laid all day, or how big their watches and wheels are. Your Facebook friends are a direct reflection of you.

Part 2 will follow shortly…