Best Way To Burn Calories

best way to burn calories

All these diet plans with their low calorie meals and calorie counting utensils are potentially a waste of time. The reason is that if these programs really worked people wouldn’t be constantly going on diets. The problem with diets is they can work, and they can work fast, but more often than not the results are sustainable because the methodology isn’t natural for the body. However, exercise is.

Don’t get scared by the word exercise. It’s completely natural and something humans are designed to do a lot of. Hell, our ancestors used to roam 19km a day looking for food and stuff to do. Nowadays most of us are lucky to roam 10ft without the car. And this is the casing point, we just aren’t getting enough exercise, and if we did, we’d be able to eat without feeling guilty and watching those calories all the time.

It’s no coincidence that those people who hit the gym 3x a week and do an hour on the treadmill or the bike look super fit. They are putting in the sweat and seeing results. Truth is running is the best way to burn calories. It takes the body into the cardio zone and eats away at those desserts you pack away like there’s no tomorrow. Think of it like this: to keep a car engine running in good heath you need to take it above 4000 revs twice a week, and the same goes for the human body. You need to get that blood pumping and start running.

If you can’t run then take a brisk walk everyday. Walking is really fun once you feel a little fitter. Increase your strides and distance day by day and take in the wonders of nature. Forget big workouts and expensive diet programs, start using the legs that god gave you and do what humans are supposed to do. And guess what? Once you get fitter running you will naturally gravitate toward eating healthily.

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