Health and Fitness

Healthy body – healthy mind – healthy you, or at least that is what my mum always tells me when she sees my sunken face and round belly every Sunday at the dinner table.

Yep, health and fitness crosses all of our paths at one time or another, usually on New Year’s day when we join yet another gym, or when we meet a new partner and feel like we should make an effort to be healthier and look fitter.

Health and fitness is a huge industry, and with it comes many opinions and options, not all of them honest and most of them very misleading, albeit intentional or not. Wading through the nonsense written all over the internet regarding getting a six pack, losing weight fast, dieting, detoxing, sleeping, moisturising, etc, would take you forever. Which is why we are here.

At we test drive products, talk to the creators, annoy experts and generally get to the bottom of it all, digging out the diamonds from the dust and presenting you with the facts and courses of action that really work.

Whether you want to get rid of stretch marks, develop abs, eradicate pimples or run a marathon, we will tell you the best way to it, and above all, how to do it properly. Welcome on board.