Music and Arts

So you wanna be a rock star, a painter like Van Gough or a poet like Pablo Neruda? Want my advice, give up and get a real job, it will never happen…No, no. Just kidding, it can happen, my friend wanted to be an actress once and ended up posing nude for a gay magazine.

Seriously, music poetry, painting and writing are soul-gratifying endeavors that bring pleasure to so many people. The great thing about these things is that you can enjoy them as hobbies, and if you end up making money then it’s win-win for your soul and your pocket. Self expression is a beautiful thing, especially when it touches others in a positive way.

From playing guitar and writing poems, to dj’ing and creating weird installations involving stuffed animals and raw meat, whatever your talent, we are here to help you become a master of your art. We tell you the best way to do it all properly. We research the pathway for you to follow the yellow brick road to success. We even dig out useful tools, recommending products that will enhance your skills and put you one step ahead in your field.