Best Way To Find A Job

best way to find a job

Being out of work can get you down, and it’s all too easy to get despondent when you don’t hear back from applications and agencies. But don’t stress, the more down you get the less chance you have of finding a job, why? Because negativity will attract more negativity. Forget procedures and the long winded waiting around to hear some news. You need to change your strategy completely using these two simple steps for the best way to find a job.

Step 1: Get A Bulletproof Resume (CV)

You knew we’d start with this, and we had to, because let’s face it, the resume is your weapon, and most companies won’t let you in the door without one, and that’s exactly where we are going, in the door. But unlike other sites we aren’t going to tell you how to write the perfect resume, because the likelihood is that no matter how hard you try it won’t be great.

So, if you have a $50 budget available, get yourself a decent resume knocked up by a freelancer. Try or for a resume/CV professional. Don’t pay less than that though because you will end up with amateur garbage. If you have $100 you could try a professional resume company. Even if you are a pretty good writer, still give it to someone else to edit and make suggestions for improvement. Never just believe your own hype; a second set of eyes is imperative. If you lack any sort of budget then be resourceful. Everyone knows a member of family, friend, or friend of a friend that is a great writer, or better still a human resource worker.

Step 2: Get Offline and Hit The Road

One thing holding so many people back from finding a job is the comfort of an armchair an a laptop. Believe it or not, your extensive online job search is potentially the main thing keeping you unemployed. Applying for jobs is all online these days; online agencies, online jobsearch, online resume submission, hell, people even advertise jobs in tweets! But if you are struggling to find work, you need to shut the laptop, put on your suit and get out there and do it old skool. This means devising a list of companies you would like to work for and approaching them directly. Walk in the door, ask to speak to the recruitment manager, and present yourself in a polite, professional manner. Don’t let the naysayers put you off. People will say, “You can’t do that, it might not be permitted under their policy.” Screw the policy, you need a job. Manager, directors and bosses respect confident, proactive people. Why? Because those same qualities make businesses successful.

Unconvinced? Here are the five key advantages of this personal approach:

1. You may strike it lucky and find they do have an opening or are thinking about creating one.

2. You are guaranteeing that your resume gets into the correct hands.

3. You get to sell yourself on the spot, so if they do call you for an interview you have the advantage of already being a familiar face. Also, having met a few employees and having been inside the building, you will feel more confident at the interview.

4. You avoid playing the waiting game; sitting at home feeling distant from the world of work.

5. You raise your spirits by being proactive and taking your destiny into your own hands.

Now, go get that job!