Best Way To Finger A Girl

best way to finger a girl

I know, the title sounds a little crude, but this is a very popular search term for teenage boys and grown men alike, and as always at BestWayTo we deliver the best advice on the best way to do the stuff people want to do most.

Before we get started, remember this: the way one girl likes to be touched in an intimate area will usually differ from how another girl likes to be touched. However, that said, there are some standard rules you should follow when fingering a girl to make sure you don’t hurt her or make yourself look like a fumbling buffoon.

Rule #1: It’s Not An Apple Pie

You’ve probably seen the movie so I wont explain the title. Instead I will give you some great advice. It isn’t like an apple pie at all, so whether finger or penis, don’t go jamming it in there with random stabs. Go gently, caress the area delicately and give her time to feel at ease with you touching her flower.

Rule #2: Make Sure She Is Moist Enough For Entry

Your finger should slide in with ease, so whatever you do don’t force the issue. Wait until the entire point of entry is wet enough for your finger to seamlessly slide in without any force.

Rule #3: Locate The Clitoris

Believe it or not, you don’t actually need to put your finger inside a girl for her to enjoy you touching her flower. The truth is that the best place to touch a girl and make her orgasm is her clitoris. Penetrative orgasms are possible, but clitoral orgasms are far more common and far easier to achieve. The clitoris is a small, bud-like formation located where the top of the inner vaginal lips meet. Normally it’s concealed under a small flap of skin, but when a woman is sexually aroused the clitoris expands and pops its head out to be caressed.

Gently place the tip of your finger on the clitoris and massage gently in a small, subtle circular motion. Increase the pressure slowly depending on the reaction and instruction of the girl you are fingering.

Rule #4: It’s Not a Competition

You may hear boastful stories of “I put three fingers inside a girl,” but this doesn’t mean you should set out on a mission to see how many fingers your girlfriend can take. The vagina is a delicate area and should be respected as such. Go slowly, explore the area with your girlfriend’s permission and take time to get to know exactly what she does and doesn’t like.

Rule #5: Ensure a Smooth & Controlled Motion

You aren’t searching for honey, so don’t start scrapping around the walls and testing to see how far the tunnel goes. Instead, move your finger in and out slowly, never fully exiting the hole. Make smooth controlled motions back and forward with your finger slightly bent at the knuckle.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to touching girls in intimate places. Each girl is an individual and what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. Always respect your partner and never push her further than the level of intimacy she feels comfortable with.