Best Way To Get Abs

best way to get abs

This is a big one, especially for those with a big belly and a junk food addiction. This is a question that has danced from the lips of the majority of breathing males at one time or another, and as every guy knows, women just love abs. Oh those elusive abs! That, no matter how many sit ups you do, just won’t show through that layer of lard.

There is a mountain of products out there that all claim to be able to tell you the best way to get abs, the best way to produce a six-pack within a month and other unsubstantiated wild claims like “Eat as many doughnuts as you like, watch TV all day and get an 8-pack”. Well, we hate liars as much as you do, and, as always, is on hand to give you the facts, separating the truth from the hype.

8 Essential Facts About Abs:

1. We all have abs, yet our weight determines how much of them can be seen. For example, everyone knows a skinny person who has never been to the gym yet has abs that ripple through the skin.

2. Ab formation is largely down to genetics. In other words, some people will naturally have more prominent abs than others.

3. Everyone can develop their abs to a higher degree, but this doesn’t mean everyone will achieve the infamous six pack. It may mean only achieving a four pack…yet some may be lucky enough to get the eight pack!

4. Achieving great abs is largely down to diet. You might have noticed that runners, swimmers and gymnasts generally have great abs. This is because they eat a very healthy, balanced diet and burn loads of calories doing a variety of regular ab intense training exercises.

5. If you have excess fat on your body, then doing sit-ups constantly will actually make you look fatter. The reason for this is that the abdominal muscles will grow underneath the fat and push the fat further out in front.

6. If you are carrying excess belly fat you should lose it before weight training your abs and doing sit-ups. Running is a brilliant way to burn fat start conditioning your abs naturally and simultaneously. Start a cardio program that increases in intensity week after week. Once you have dropped the pounds you can start working on building that rock hard six pack.

7. Abs require more than just sit-ups to grow into protruding lumps of muscle.  You should vary your ab exercises between high repetitions and weight loaded low repetition exercises.

8. Lastly, you should be aware that even though the abdominal muscles are connected, and working the top will work the bottom, the majority of experts advise training the abs in two sections, lower and upper.  Start with the lower ab exercises first.

Best Way To Get Abs Recommendations…

Of course there is a shed load more stuff to learn, in particular the exercises you need to do and of course some insider secrets. So for that we need to turn to some experts, which as usual appear to be lurking in every corner of the web.

Don’t worry though, we have sifted through the nonsense for you, and for trusted ab programs we can recommend two sources. The first is Mike Geary, author of The Truth About Six Pack Abs.  This eBook is getting on a bit now, yet the fact that the eBook is still very popular is testament to its results. Not to mention that it’s hard to argue with a guy who has sold over 1m copies  – I mean if it was crap it would have been rubbished all over the net as most other wannabe fitness gurus are. The book itself is highly comprehensive and the exercises very easy to implement, although with all that dosh you’d think he’d create an updated version.

The second source is Matt Furey, who, as an athlete, has far more credentials than Mike Geary. Matt is an ex-champion wrestler, a martial arts expert, president of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, and an internationally recognized expert in the fields of self-development and fitness. His Combat Abs program is a series of exercises delivered in video format, which can be carried out in your living room or at the gym. Personally we like videos over eBooks because reading too much on a computer sucks. Matt takes a somewhat alternative, rather non-conventional approach, which is a staple feature of all his “combat” programs.

Combing both these programs would surely give you full coverage of every best way to get abs, but personally, I lasted about a week before I gave in to both, it hurts too much and quite frankly, I can’t be arsed.