Best Way To Get Rid of a Cold

best way to get rid of a cold

Annoying and frustrating, there is still no fast-action pill to get rid of the common cold. You’d think there would be by now, especially with all the wonders of modern medicine. Unfortunately there is no magic 24-hour cure, but by following the best way to get rid of a cold you could be feeling 75% within 72 hours.

Vicks First Defence

This awesome product should ideally be taken when you first feel the cold coming on with sneezing and sniffles, although it can still be taken during a cold to reduce symptoms. The formula is designed to attack colds where they start, removing the cold virus before it has a chance to develop and take over your system. You spray a couple of shots in each nostril and then repeat the process a few times a day for three days until you have annihilated the unwanted virus.

Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C can’t cure a cold, but studies have proven that it will aid in the recovery of a cold, helping you to get back on your feet quicker. Stock up on oranges and 1000mg vitamin C tablets.

Don’t Smoke

Even if you are a regular smoker you must avoid smoking when you have a cold. Smoking causes the body healing delay, and it is a well known fact that smokers recover from illness slower than non-smokers. Also consider that smoking could trigger a chest infection and increase sore throat symptoms.

Eat Chicken Soup With Lemon

Some say you should starve a cold and others say feed it, but if you don’t feel like eating then this is your body’s way of telling you it doesn’t want food. So, don’t force yourself. However, make sure you eat something to support your system and keep the fire stoked, so to speak. Chicken soup is ideal, and some wise old women from Cyprus swear it helps cure a cold. Add some lemon for extra cold battling properties.

Drink Plenty of Water

Every doctor will tell you the same; make sure you drink plenty of fluid to keep yourself hydrated and to assist the body in fighting the virus. Fluids doesn’t mean cola and other sugar-laden drinks, no, instead drink bottled water and lots of it.


This is your time to sleep as much as you want. The more sleep you get the faster your recovery will be. You may struggle to sleep well with a blocked up nose, and if this is the case elevate your head with an extra pillow and sleep on your back to ease your breathing. Eight hours per night is preferable.

To avoid getting a cold again you should make sure you wash your hands after being in public places. Avoid germs by not putting your fingers in your mouth or up your nose, and don’t rub your eyes. Sleep well, eat healthily, exercise and don’t stress! And this completes the best way to get rid of a cold.