Best Way To Get Ripped

best way to get ripped

There aren’t many guys that don’t want to be ripped. Girls seem to like it and that’s enough of a reason for most to hit the gym and start posing in the mirror every five minutes.  Unfortunately it takes more than a few weight lifting sessions to become a lean, mean muscle machine. You need dedication, that is a given, but more than anything you need to know the best way to get ripped…

Rule #1: Teach Your Body To Burn More Fat

Fat is the body’s preferred source of energy, so it is no wonder people tend to store so much, particularly when they eat carb-heavy foods. To lose fat and get ripped you need to make sure your body is burning fat. To accomplish this reduce your carbohydrate intake and teach your body to rely on burning more fat. You will still burn carbs, but the body will start to use fat to your advantage, as an energy buffer, leaving you looking ripped. The worst thing you can do is eat masses of carbs to increase energy, because if you aren’t doing enough cardio to burn the carbs and allow your body to start burning fat, you will never get ripped.

Rule #2: Cut Out The Grains And Optimise Your Cardio

Ever see those guys in the gym that lift really heavy weights, get bigger and bigger, but just lend up looking rotund with massive shoulders, yes I thought so, there are plenty of them. These guys crave carbs. They eat masses of bread, potatoes, pasta and other processed foods, and they never do enough cardio. Make sure you are doing enough cardio to burn excess calories, and steer clear of grains that bloat you and spike your insulin levels causing your body to store more fat. You will never get six pack abs if you keep it carb heavy.

Rule #3: Watch Your Calorie Intake

The golden rule is: if you burn more calories than you eat then you will lose weight, conversely if you eat more calories than you burn you will put on weight. So monitor you calorie intake and make sure you are doing enough high intensity exercise to burn the calories you are eating.

Rule #4: Max Out Your Protein Intake

This is extremely important. You are considerably reducing your carb intake to store less fat, and you are going to be working out harder, so you need to make sure you don’t lose muscle. As a rule of thumb aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of body mass each day

Rule #5: Start Shocking Your Muscles – Variation Will Get You Ripped

If you want a stripped down, ripped up body then you need to shock your muscles and really make them work. Don’t keep the same 3 x 10 sets with 2-minute rests in between routine all the time. Shock your muscles by mixing up your training with pyramid sets with no rest periods in between, and try aspects of Crossfit and Kettlebell training. The body gets used to the same old weight routine very quickly. Don’t stick with the same routine longer than six weeks, and make sure you vary your exercise disciplines.

Rule #6: Go High Endurance

Following on from rule #5, there is nothing like high endurance sports for getting you ripped. Look at the professional 12 and 24-hour off road triathletes; they are ripped to the max. These guys cycle, run and swim across tough terrain and choppy waters. If you want to work your muscles into lean strips of meat that protrude through your skin at every movement then you have got to vary your exercise and start putting yourself through some serious workouts. And that means going beyond just standard weight lifting.

Rule #7: Use Your Own Body Weight

There is a lot to be said for using your own body weight. Take a look at the Olympic gymnasts and how ripped they are. Can you even hold your own body weight? If not then you should conquer that before even picking up weights. Press ups, chin ups, Hindu squats, any exercise that utilises your body weight will help you on your way to getting ripped.