Best Way To Impress Everyone

1. Get Yourself An Ultra Positive Attitude – & SMILE!

It’s a challenge, and everybody experiences downs from time to time, but try to make a difference to your own life and those around you by smile. Be the source for good feeling and positivity for those around you. Smiling is contagious so do it whenever you can. People are attracted to smiles and love to be around positive feel good people. Smiling and being happy is a great gift to give people, and a sure way to make a good impression!

Action plan: Stand in front of your mirror for atleast 1 minute every morning and smile like there will be no tomorrow. Not only will this boost your mood, but will encourage your smile to stick to your face for the entire day!

2. Get 6 Pack Abs And Tell Everyone It’s Because You Smile Every Day

best way to get abs

Okay, this is one for the guys, but girls you can go for a flat stomach and maybe a 2-pack. Load your favourite tunes onto your iPod and do at least 100 sit ups/crunches every. Yes, all it takes is your favourite song and 5 minutes of exercise. Easy! Abs are really impressive, and even more impressive is to tell people that since you started smiling you magically spawed a washboard stomach! Read more about getting abs here

3. Shave Your Cat

Animals are capable of being very cool, and to have an animal with an ultra cool haircut is extremely impressive. Why not make your cat look like rock star, or your dog like a lion? This is a fast and easy way to impress everyone. Disclaimer: Always use professional animal hair clippers to safely cut the hair from your pet’s body. ….Okay, so the cat in this picture looks a little sad, but he got used to it and by day 3 he was the envy of all the other cats in the neighbourhood.

4. Learn to Power Dance With HipHop Swagger

There is nothing more impressive than rolling up at a club, party or an other pubic place and busting some sick dance moves that your people are only used to seeing on MTV. Take lessons or spend some time in the front room watching some Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson videos. The effort will pay off and will give you a 10/10 rating on the impress o’ meter

5. Get a Sexy Shave On

Number 5 is one for the boys, or girls depending on your hormone issues. After having shaved your cat it is time to unleash a new style of facial hair that will have heads turning…okay, it might not be the height of fashion, but just having the walnuts to look like a hillbilly is impressive!

6. Seduce Your Teacher And Make It Known

There is nothing more impressive than being able to seduce a teacher. Whether you are male or female, making it known that you kissed, hugged or bedded a hot teacher is the ultimate in impressive. Make sure you provoke a little smile from your teacher in front of your friends to let them know who’s the boss around here! To become a professional teacher seducer read more here: Best way to seduce your teacher

7. Improve Your Brain Power And Score BIG TIME

best way to improve your brain power

Let’s face it, intelligence is impressive, and so is being a general knowledge whizz, so it’s about time you increased your brain cells and started impressing people with your ability to store facts and win every quiz you enter. Become the next Einstein today by reading these tips on the Best way to improve memory and brain power

8. Learn To Play The Guitar Like Sla$h

best way to play guitar

Woman or man, cat or dog, playing the guitar like a rock star is impressive beyond belief. Even the geekiest of guys or plainest of girls can impress and score big time with six strings and a piece of would if they know what they are doing. And what’s more, you can learn the guitar to an extremely high standard from the comfort of your PC. More about this here: Best way to learn playing the guitar

9. Learn To Sing Like Cinderella

This is one for the ladies, and perhaps feminine men. When a sweet voice echoes from a woman’s lips men tremble with fairy tale emotions. Take a man’s breath away with endearing tones like Cinderella.  Sing in the streets and have people follow you like you are the pied piper. Steal the show at parties and upstage brides at their weddings….with this voice you will never fail to impress anywhere, anytime.

10. Teach Yourself A Foreign Language Without Telling Anyone

best way to learn a foreign language

Let’s end this list with a classic impressor. There isn’t a person who will fail to be impressed when you start speaking fluent outer-mongolian…or French. But try and pick a language that isn’t so common, one that isn’t a standard part of the school curriculum. Once you have become proficient in your new tongue encourage some of your friends and family to take a trip to this foreign land without telling them of your newly found skill. Once off the plane, you will make an impression so impressive that you can lie and say, “I don’t know, it just came to me.” Not only is that impressive but supernatural-like!