Best Way To Make An iPhone App

best way to make an iphone app

The best iPhone apps ideas are the ones driven by sheer creativity, not those created on a whim to make a quick buck or gain some fast consumer popularity. Don’t get me wrong, making an iPhone app, or an app for Android phones, is a great idea to boost the popularity of a business or to launch a brand or website, but first consider the following.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps on the market and hundreds are released each week, sometimes daily. So you will need to come up with a very impressive idea to be capable of penatrating the market and making a positive impact. Start your research by deeply analyzing the area of industry or demographic of people you wish to target. Use your knowledge of your chosen field to find gaps of demand. Don’t forget to throughly scan the app market to ensure your idea hasn’t already been made available. Think about what would be really useful to people on a daily basis. Think about what would enhance people’s lives and compel them to keep your app on their phone…not delete it within five minutes of usage .

Forget About The Money For Now

If you create an app with the sole intention of making money you will fail. Only the most popular “can’t live without” apps end up being able to charge for a download, and the majority start off as freebies. It is only when the popularity  of an app is hiked through mass usage that the creator can charge a small fee and start making money. Making an iPhone app or Android app is not a fast way to make money, if anything it’s a creative endeavor with the potential to make a lot of money if you get things right. Put money out of your head for now and focus on making an awesome app that will really benefit an already highly saturated market.

Set Out Your Budget

You will need a budget for your app, and this may involve pitching for some investment backing depending on your funds. Put together a comprehensive business plan for your app; this is a good idea even if you have the money to do it all yourself. Having a proper plan will make sure you don’t over spend and lose sight of your vision. If you are a company you will need a project manager to liaise with the developers and designers, so make sure you factor the man-hours into the budget.

How Much Does An iPhone App Cost?

For a basic iPhone app you will need a budget of approximately $3,500. This will cover the two aspects of the app, the development and the design. This budget is based on outsourcing your development to Asia, either India, Thailand or the Phillipines.

Indian app development is at the forefront of the market because the country is continually producing very talented developers. Many western companies tout for app development business and then outsource to a contractor in India, so make sure you understand where and how you app is being developed when you hire a company. However, if you pay for western-based development you may be looking at $4000-7000 just for the development. Try and get a recommendation if possible and makes sure you see a portfolio before hiring a company.

What About My iPhone App Design?

Design wise it is advisable to hire a Western company. The iPhone development in Asia may be technically advanced, but the design leaves much to be desired and considerably behind the UK and US. You must consider that in the first instance it will be the design and the unique concept that will attract people to your app.

Do You Really Need An App?

Lastly, consider this. Do you really need an app? In the business world apps have become similar to blogs, every website must have one. Yet iPhone apps and Android apps don’t come cheap, and can, like they do for the large majority, turn out to be a complete waste of time. If you are adamant your customer base and or a broader market  will benefit from your idea then by all means proceed. However, make sure you plan, plan and plan some more, otherwise you could be left with a pretty useless app that no one wants, not to mention a big dent in your pocket.