Best Way To Make Money Online

best way to make money online

Some say the money fell out of the Internet with the .Com boom and bust, but don’t be misled by hearsay, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money in this game. Here is the best way to make money online using 4 proven methods of generating a large income.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have knowledge of a particular area then why not set up a website to share that knowledge. From this site you can then affiliate to products you recommend and market them via your site to your readers. Of course, you should only recommend products you have used or know to be of very high quality – this keeps the Internet useful and ethical.

2. Pay Per Post

If you own a blog then you might consider pay per post. This activity comes in a few different formats. Often a company will ask you to place a contextual link from a post back to their site, or a company will ask you to write a post about a specific product or service. you may also consider guest posting on other websites in exchange for cash. To get regular work you should use a broker like Link Worth.

3. Selling on eBay

It’s considered an old-skool method now, but regardless it still remains one of the most popular and effective, and there is certainly money to be made in this market place. Pick a product that isn’t overly represented, and find a product you can get at an extremely competitive price. It often pays to look for a small niche and penetrate deeply rather than going for something very broad and spread thinly such as selling clothes. For example, you might choose to sell handmade natural soaps.

4. Freelancing

If you have writing skills, computer programming skills, web designing skills or even MS Excel skills, then there is money online for you. Sign up to a freelancing website and tout your skills. Leverage this by building a website targeting your chosen industry via keywords, both short and long tail.