Best Way To Say Sorry

August 2, 2011
best way to say sorry

When trying to say sorry, people often get things horribly wrong by falling foul of insincerity. This makes the person they are apologising to think they don’t really mean it. The best way to say sorry is to be sincere, yet appearing sincere and really meaning your apology takes a certain approach. Firstly, you need […]

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Best Way To Cook A Steak

July 26, 2011
best way to cook steak

Even top chefs mess up cooking steaks at times, so don’t worry if you don’t master the perfect steak in your first couple of attempts. Steak is difficult to cook because smaller cuts of steak dry out easily and can cook too quickly, making them tough on the teeth. In light of this, the best […]

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Best Way To Cook Asparagus

July 25, 2011
best way to cook asparagus

Without a doubt Asparagus is best served fresh. Make sure you buy bright green stalks that don’t look dry and aged, and go for thicker stalks where possible for a more juicy taste. Asparagus is sold in bunches, usually of 14-20 spears, with 3-5 spears making a serving. Asparagus doesn’t keep well do only buy what […]

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Best Way To Start Running

July 21, 2011
best way to start running

So maybe you want to lose weight or just get fit, and let me guess, you don’t fancy sweating it out on a running machine in a crowded gym. No, you prefer the fresh air and the serene surroundings of nature. Thing is, you hate running and always did as a kid, yet you know you need […]

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Best Way To Meditate

July 17, 2011
best way to meditate

Contrary to popular belief, meditating isn’t simply sitting crossed legged, listening to mantras and starring into space for hours. Meditating is actually all about freeing the mind. Meditating is letting go of grasping, desire and the fleeting thoughts that occupy the mind every second on the day. The idea is to get into an uninfluenced […]

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Best Way To Stop Wrinkles

July 13, 2011
best way to stop wrinkles

Age is something we can’t prevent, and wrinkles remind us that we are getting older. They also don’t look very appealing either . So how can these age markers be prevented? Well, the secret is to start prevention as young as possible, and to follow the tips below for the best way to stop wrinkles… […]

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Best Way To Make Yourself Look Like An Idiot On Facebook

July 10, 2011
best way to look like an idiot on facebook

Facebook is the web’s number one social playground, and just like the school playground it is a place where many people act like idiots and get laughed at by their friends – either that or they get talked about behind their back because of idiotic behaviour. If you want to make yourself look like an […]

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Best Way To Impress Everyone

July 3, 2011

1. Get Yourself An Ultra Positive Attitude – & SMILE! It’s a challenge, and everybody experiences downs from time to time, but try to make a difference to your own life and those around you by smile. Be the source for good feeling and positivity for those around you. Smiling is contagious so do it […]

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Best Way To Ask Your Dad For Money

July 2, 2011
best way to ask your dad for money

1. Make Him Believe it is For The Greater Good Dads don’t mind lending money to their kids if they think it will be used for positive self-development. So, before approaching the subject of borrowing money with your Dad, think carefully about what you need it for and how it might positively aid your development. […]

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Best Way To Write A Blog Post

June 28, 2011
best way to write a blog post

Every man and his dog has a blog these days, and in truth some of the dogs are better bloggers than their owners. If you want to get your posts noticed, commented on, tweeted, shared and +1’d, then here it is, the best way to write a blog post. 1. Bring Something New To The […]

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