Best Way To Seduce Your Teacher

best way to seduce your teacher

For these techniques to be successful there needs to be a realistic opportunity of pairing up. By that I mean a reasonable legal age gap. We don’t condone under age students chasing sexual encounters with teachers, or vice versa – that is illegal. A 17-year-old guy chasing a 25-year-old teacher is fine. On the other hand, if you are 12 and your teacher is 35, the teacher will be arrested if something does go down.

Before you begin your pursuit do your homework, make sure your teacher isn’t married or dating. This is easily found out by looking for a wedding ring on her finger or speaking with students in positions of higher power than yourself.

I have focused the steps around male-female seduction, yet these techniques will work equally well when adapted to female-male seduction.

Step 1. Make Regular Eye Contact

Catch her eye at every opportunity. Look affectionately into her eyes; don’t stare. When she asks you a question in class look intently into her eyes and answer confidently, don’t shy away or let your gaze stray.

Step 2. Compliment Her Without Being Sexual

If she has a new hairstyle or new shoes on then don’t let it go unnoticed. Comment in an adult way that her hair really suits her, or that her shoes work well with her outfit. Pause for a second as she absorbs the compliment, and then quickly move the conversation back to study related issues.

Step 3. Be Witty, Not Childish or Naughty

No matter how old you are as a student a teacher always sees students as just that, younger persons in terms of the learning at hand. Therefore you need to appear as someone your teacher would find attractive outside of the classroom. So don’t join in with the silly childish humor of the rest of the class, making jokes at her expense or laughing at unintentional innuendos. Instead make witty comments or jokes pertaining to the subject matter at hand.  Project a refined, smart, confident, mature and interested persona.

Step 4. Teach Her Something She Doesn’t Know

Teaching your teacher something will make you more than a mere student in her eyes. Research something beyond what you are required to know for the syllabus. Pick a fact or aspect of the subject she is likely not to know about, and something that can be expanded on in terms of eventually going to a related place of interest. Share this new information with her after class when the other students have left.

Step 5. Make a School-Based Date

Once you have secured her interest in this new subject area, set up a date to meet again after class to show her more related material she may be interested in. If you are confident you have her engaged then suggest meeting in the library or college/university canteen.

Step 6. Now Do Nothing

After a successful meet, it is time to lay off for a while. Carry on the eye contact and witty, confident man routine, but avoid being keen or infatuated in any way.

Step 7. Create A Date

Search for something happening locally that relates to the subject matter for which you are both interested. This could be a museum, an exhibition, a show, a concert, whatever, as long as it’s related. Now buy some tickets, or at the very least check out the times and options for attendance. Wait until after class, or when she is alone in the library or canteen, and strike with the surprise offer.

Step 8. Ask Her Out In a Platonic Way – But Act Like It’s No Big Deal

Tell her your girlfriend pulled out of the event and you have a spare ticket, or if your place of choice isn’t ticketed just tell her you really want to go and would like to share the experience. Tell her you think she would really enjoy it and the ticket is only going to go to waste, or, if un-ticketed, tell her it would be really cool if she came along. Be happy, relaxed and confident, but don’t be desperate or over zealous.

Step 9. Take Your Date To The Next Level

On your platonic date make sure you don’t dive in too early. Let her think this is all about the event and the subject in which you both share an interest. Pick a moment in the last quarter of the outing to start speaking about more personal things. Tell her you can’t believe she isn’t married, and that you think she will make someone extremely happy one day. Wait for her to ask about your break-up, she will. Tell her your girlfriend was very immature, and you just can’t deal with possessive and obsessive behavior. Also subtly hint that your girlfriend wasn’t ready to do the deed, and this just wasn’t working for you since you passed that hurdle a long time ago. Now suggest you hit a restaurant for a bite to eat, or at the very least a coffee shop.

Step 10. Make or Break or Set Another Date

Now your charm has to carry you, there is not much more I can say, except this. Keep the day rolling into the evening, to a bar if you can. Don’t force yourself on her. Once you leave the restaurant start being a little tactile, touching her lower back as you open the door for her. When you hit the bar sit on a sofa or two close stalls, and keep the drinks flowing. The ultimate goal here is that you get a kiss at the very least. However, if you secure another date for the following week then that is still good work.

Good Luck…