Best Way To Kiss

best way to kiss

Kissing feels so natural yet is incredibly easy to make a mess of. Instead of wooing your partner with delicate parcels of soft lipped love, you could end up thrashing your tongue around like a fish out of water. Once you know what you shouldn’t be doing things are a whole lot easier, and from that point on you can start to add in advanced techniques and your own personal touch.

Tilt Your Head To The Right

To avoid bumping heads tilt your head toward the right side as you go in for first base. If you prefer to go left then make that clear and don’t deviate – getting caught in a “which side are you going” battle will kill the moment and probably leave you both with a bump. Most people naturally go to the right-hand side, so stick with that rule if possible.

Gently Does It

The first two or three “lip lands” should be gentle but not limp! Pout slightly to apply the correct pressure, but whatever you do don’t squeeze your lips too tightly; this will make your lips feel like rock and make you look like a fish.

The Slow Motion Movie Action

You’ve probably seen it in the movies, the way lovers kiss once…twice…and then a third time before going in for some tongue action. Use this classic technique to create a romantic “movie-like” association that will make the moment special. Don’t jump straight down your partner’s throat with your tongue, or bruise their lips with epic force, instead go calmly, respectfully and romantically.

You Are Not A Washing Machine

Teenagers seem to love the gaping mouth sloppy tongue wrestle, and indeed some adults do too. But don’t get caught in thinking this is the norm. Washing machine style kissing not only looks amateur but isn’t enjoyable either. Your jaw will ache and you will struggle for air, not to mention there is a high chance of dribbling.

The Best Kissing Technique

A few circulations of the tongue, all in one motion, is more than enough. The best way to kiss is to close-mouth kiss first, and then to guide your partner’s mouth open with your lips. Now allow your tongues to engage in a few circular motions before guiding the mouth closed and starting again. This technique gives ample time for both parties to breathe and swallow. Once this is mastered you can start incorporating other more erotic techniques like lip nibbling.